The artisan workshop “Made in Vicenza”

With our fifty-years-experience in the religious field, we are a company proven for excellence. Our research for new quality targets is well combined with the art of handmade.
We know the master craftsmen’s secrets: attention on both, the materials and the artistic process.
Starting from design we are able to meet any custom request, from the simplest to the most complex, conscious that every situation has key features that must be considered if you want to carry out a harmonious project.
We are able to do particular chisel works, whose techniques are handed down from father to son, while the engravings with burin are the result of in-depth studies.
Using the different chisels, many sacred and unique artistic objects take shape and life on noble metal foils such as copper and brass.
Our company is specialized in the restoration of many religious articles that time and wear and tear have damaged, giving them a new splendour and eventually reconstructing missing parts.
We are proud to say that our articles have adorned churches throughout the world with their uniqueness and quality.
Our articles are impressed with our brand for guarantee quality, filed at the Camera di Commercio di Vicenza.