A story began in 1955


ARREDI SACRI BERTONCELLO, founded by Erminio Bertoncello,

a long-experience chiseller, is a leader company in the religious field and its name is a synonym of excellence and handmade quality. The first work experience of Erminio was in an artistic foundry in 1955: he worked with passion and learnt quickly all the techniques to melt bronze and brass. In the evening, after work, he attended a prestigious technical and artistic school and studied in deep mechanical technology to use machine tools. Some years later, he had the opportunity to meet the master of art “Perlotto”, famous for his chiselling works.


Erminio was passionate in this type of art manufacture

and in short time he was able to chase a lot of images, even the sacred one. In 1965 he decided to work full time aiming to realise and restore sacred furniture and metal religious articles, with the precious help of his wife, Angelina.


In 1982, he met Luciano Ghezzi, owner of a famous shop in Rome,

in via dei Cestari. Luciano heard about this small company, located in Vicenza, able to create particular and modern articles which no one offered in that period. Since then begins a profitable and long-lasting business relationship, still in force.


Since 1985, Arredi Sacri took part in different and important international fairs, as “La Vita Collettiva” in Rome,

getting approval and success in national and international markets.
In the same year Gabriele, Erminio’s son, completed his studies and joined the company as a trainee, introducing innovation in the technological and artistic field. During the day, Gabriele made the most of what he had studied at school, but also learnt and improved chasing techniques handed down from father to son and impressed his creativity, using chisels and hammers, in metal.


Thanks to his passion, Gabriele continued his studies and enrolled at course of “goldsmith engraver and setter”

at the “Arte e Mestieri” school in Vicenza. Here he improved his ornate and figurative drawing and learnt the technique of burin engraving and embedding, enamels for metal and gemmology.
All these experiences are translated in the daily work, carrying new ideas and motivation to create original and exclusive products and enriching the selection.

In 1989 in Vicenza, Fiera di Vicenza with the Diocese and Conferenza Episcopale founded an unprecedented exhibition event: “Koinè”. It is an important national and international fair dedicated to the religious art. Our company takes part to the exhibition since the first time and presents its innovative and high-design creations obtaining the esteem and trust of the most important architects, designers and representatives of the clergy.


At the moment, the company is managed with passion by Gabriele, assisted by his father Erminio,

his wife Tamara “Master of art” and other skilled people specialized both in technological and artistic field.

“Arredi Sacri Bertoncello”, thanks to its experience and commitment, has produced many artistic pieces that have furnished churches all around the world with their uniqueness, high quality and refinement.

Our company is a leader in the artistic field and is always in evolution, looking to the future with a solid experience accrued in the workshop of master craftsmen, and has decided to expand its work spaces, creating new areas for production and for design.